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Meredith Schneider


Sigils makes us feel. I’m not talking the “Wow, that song was amazing and it’s stuck in my head now” kind of feel, but the “I feel inspired to do great things right now” type of feel.


Each track on Sigils’ new album, Hours Of The Wind, has a title dedicated to Greek Mythology and the constellations, an other-worldly preface to an out of this world work of art. “The seven track mini-album is inversely a conceptual voyage from the inner sun outward into the edge of the solar system,” he elaborates.

We begin our journey through the electronic producer’s newest work with “Lux Aeterna”, which was well researched by Sigils. “Latin for ‘Eternal Light’ is symbolic of the core of the sun.” (For those of you who are film buffs, “Lux Aeterna” is also the name of a composition in the 2000 film Requiem for a Dream.) It is a slow buildup track to the more rave-worthy second track “Helios”. “‘Helios’ [is] the Greek mythological god of the Sun and personified as the Titan god who drove the chariot of the sun across the sky. ‘Luna’ is an ode to Earth’s moon and Roman goddess that is the female complement of the Sun.” The song makes its impact as almost a shadowy track which goes faithfully well with its titular counterpart. 

Next is Ea the Babylonian god, the deity of knowledge and creation who’s name translates to ‘The Lord of Earth.’ Followed ‘Zodiac’ the division of the path of the Sun across the celestial spheres and visible planets. These twelve divisions are called astrological signs and the celestial phenomena related to Alchemical principle of “As Above, So Below.” The following track ‘Icarus’ named after the tragic Greek myth of hubris of man to reach for the stars and the dangers of over-confidence of man to be like the gods.

“Enoch” makes its zen two minute and sixteen second appearance–the last of the work’s tracks–after the interestingly composed “Icarus”, a close second favorite for us. “The closing track is inspired by a eulogy to ‘Enoch’ the great-grandfather of Noah, and the mystical being that was able to travel to the stars and meet the divine force behind creation and the universe. The Apocryphal ‘Book of Enoch’ describes the fall of the spirits/gods the oversee our world.” 


To sum it all up, Sigils gave us more of a poetic description of the work, making it ever so clear that we cannot do it quite the justice it deserves in writing. “Hours Of The Wind is both inspired by esoteric beliefs but also is a reactionary mini-album to the strange progression of technology into the mystical connotation of humanity being liberated from being a planetary species to a galactic species.”


Hours of the Wind is out June 10 on Track Number Records.

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