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Katie Capri

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Next Tuesday, Oakland's Some Ember will release their self-titled full length debut via Dream. The digital and vinyl release of Some Ember marks the first non-tape release from both the label and the band.

Nina Chase and Dylan Travisa mark the occasion with just over 40 minutes of what sounds like the ethereal drone of a sunrise (morning after?) spent stumbling through the yards of Berlin that, as it happens, actually comes from the Nor Cal corridor. It's not a totally dreamy hangover we're in, though. From the onset, there's a mix of doom house beats and industrial sounds shocking you awake in a confused jolt before leveling out with a wash of twinkly ambient notes skittering over top of the roaring drum machine. Like bright sheet metal machinery grinds together, the beat brings fear, while the glinting mettalic shine enchants you enough to create a dissonance blurring the dark line between corporeal danger and pop-y delight.

Stream the full album below before its digital release May 27 and look out for the physical copy set to release via Dream on June 10.

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