Stream The Difference Machine’s “A Night In The Life of The Day Tripper”

The Difference Machine

The Difference Machine is back with, “A Night In The Life of The Day Tripper” , the third single from their upcoming album The 4th Side of the Eternal Triangle. The psychedelic Hip-Hop act’s latest offering was prefaced by two characteristically rambunctious burners, “It’s Alive” and “Smoke”, but the group credits this track with setting the tone for the entire album, which is due on June 24th. After MC DT wrote and recorded his lyrics over a Dr. Conspiracy beat, the band took the track to Cyrus Shahmir’s studio to fill out the production. The band notes that this is the first track where they didn’t use their normal “beats and rhymes” approach to recording.

“I remember being excited about starting the record,” Shamir says. “We had just started working together but I could tell they wanted to experiment as much as I did. Once we put the fuzz-sustain on there, I feel like the track opened up and we were all on the same page.”

Tinny, frigid keys are at the core of the track, piercing through the characteristically gnashing drums. DT refers to the track as a “hilarious song” about his real life. “I’m a rambling man, scramble his eggs so hard they damaged the pan,” DT rhymes about his life in the “boonies,” where “moonshine at noon time” is the norm.

After DT’s impressively crude verses are finished, the song plunges into an instrument solo characterized by Shahmir’s searing bass and whirring synths.

The 4th Side of the Eternal Triangle will be released on Psych Army Intergalactic Records. After the album’s release, the group will embark on The Difference Machine tour along the eastern seaboard:

The Difference Machine Tour Dates:

Atlanta, GA – Friday June 24 – @ 529

Asheville, NC – Saturday June 25 – @ All Go West Festival

Philadelphia, PA – Monday June 27 – @ Kung Fu Necktie

Queens, NY – Tuesday June 28 – @ Trans Pecos

Brooklyn, NY – Wednesday June 29 – @ Palisades

Washington DC – Thursday June 30 – @ Tropicalia

Richmond, VA – Friday July 1 – @ Hardywood Brewery

Charlotte, NC – Saturday July 2 – @ Snug Harbor

You can stream “A Night In The Day of Life Of The Day Tripper” below.