SpectraSoul’s Take on Arctic Lake’s “Heal Me” Might Be The Best Remix Of The Summer

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heal me

Arctic Lake has made quite the track with “Heal Me”. It has caught the attention of producers everywhere, sparking tweaks and remixes abound. SpectraSoul, pioneers in the electronic music movement from across the pond, have gotten their hands on it. And “Heal Me” is playing on repeat around the world at a different pace nowadays.

SpectraSoul is known for their percussion work, and their drum and bass magic is every bit an enticing feature of the “Heal Me” remix. Their work on the track blends perfectly with Emma Foster’s vocals, so much so that it doesn’t sound like a remix, but like an original track remix. That’s when you know you’ve mastered it all. When your work blends so perfectly into the original piece that people don’t even realize it’s a remix.

The new version is a little more upbeat, a little more party-worthy, and has already garnered support from CLASH, Hilly Dilly, and Press Play Okay, among others. It’s definitely the best remix of the summer in our eyes.

You be the judge.