Modern Language, Ok Txt Me

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Ok Txt Me

Have you ever thought about how absurdly amazing technology is? The internet connects us to people, cultures, and knowledge from around the world. It used to be that you would have to be in the same room–let alone the same city or continent–to be able to mix songs together.

Not anymore.

The digital age has brought Modern Language into being. Ok Txt Me is a collection of songs written and produced by Museum and and Lucid Optics (who go by “Modern Language” when they work together) four years ago, when they were communicating strictly through email. “With Museum being in the UK and me in the US, the only communication we had was digital,” Lucid Optics expands. “We had Skypes where we schemed, some where we just shot the shit, [and] sent hundreds of emails worth of beats and vocal takes.”

Although they warn that it’s more of a rough cut than anything else (because their chemistry on tracks has really upped its game in the last four years), they have released Ok Txt Me to the public. It is yours to enjoy.


Keep up to date with Modern Language and look out for the LP this summer.