Stream the entirety of Death and Vanilla's self-titled debut

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Death and Vanilla

We premiered Death and Vanilla's video for “Rituals” a few weeks back, and now we've got the whole album streaming for you to listen to. Like we said, the record is a co-release between France's Hands in the Dark and Sweden's Kalligrammofon. Personally, I'm a sucker for a beautiful and distorted female vocal, and this one is really nice. There is a tenderness that reminds me of our dear and departed Trish Keenan, and Death and Vanilla have absolutely been listening to a lot of Broadcast, with all the bell tones and guitars that have almost a surfy-wobble. Keyboards and fuzz tracks add eeriness; they could be coming from the next room, or the basment, or even from somewhere a little more mysterious. Definitely worth a listen. If you like it enough to buy it (I could see it going over well for a seance or romantic dinner), you should get on that air-mail pre-order: yellow 12-inch vinyls are a limited edition of 300 and cd-digipacks are 150.