Open Mike Eagle, “Nightmares III” (feat. Illogic & MarQ Spekt)

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Open Mike Eagle cannot shake the night terrors. He's remixed the lead single from Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes for the third time, enlisting Illogic and MarQ Spekt to share their dream diaries as well. Produced by Willie Green, “Nightmares III” is littered with references foreign to the rap canon like Les Misérables, appropriations of Dig Dug as a slang for coitus and sympathy for Skrillex.

Both MarQ Spekt and Illogic (glad to see this name again) make the most of their guest appearances, but considering this is Open Mike Eagle's third outing in streaming his consciousness, it's expected that he offer the finest verse. Previous versions lamented that one cannot dress like Kanye, but go home to TV dinners and foreseeing a paper route future. On “Nightmares III” Mike is having old man visions of being in a rapper nursing home along with his Blowedian family. He's got black war vets guilting him into seeing Red Tails and young rappers challenging him, which he “ignores like a Facebook app request”. It's truly a nightmare scenario.

Our cable is out. Is there really a Rappers Wives show? We imagine it's something Ice T's lady, Coco, got started.

Open Mike Eagle, “Nightmares III” (feat. Illogic & MarQ Spekt)

“Nightmares III” is will be the continuence of Open Mike's series of EPs he has planned for 2012. He'll also be releasing a new LP via Fake Four, Inc.

Mike is on tour this week (with Louis Logic), on his way to Austin:
07 Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR Pub 1345 Main St. louis solo
08 Chicago, IL @ The Shrine 2109 S. Wabash Ave.
11 Iowa City, IA @ The MIll 120 E. Burlington St.
12 Springfield, MO @ The Highlife Martini Lounge 322 South Ave.
13 Little Rock, AR @ Stickyz 107 River Market Ave.
14 Austin, TX SXSW @ Longbranch Inn (1133 E. 11th) mike solo
15 Austin, TX SXSW @ Club Pachanga 2120 E Riverside Dr. w/ MarQ Spekt
16 Austin, TX SXSW @ Frontier 2421 Webberville, Austin, TX 78702
17 Austin, TX SXSW @ Yellow Jacket Social Club 1704 E. 5th St. (afternoon)
17 Austin, TX SXSW @ Metropolis Apartments (Poolside) 2200 S. Pleasant Valley Rd., Austin, TX (evening)
20 Lincoln, NE @ Zoo Bar 136 N. 14th St.
21 Fairfield, IA @ The Beauty Shop 60 W. Burlington Ave.
22 Madison, WI @ The Frequency 121 West Main St. w/ Milo