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Vibrating Antennas

From California's northern bay territories, Cody, Jay, Timmy of Sabertooth Zombie shake it up further with their Vibrating Antennas vehicle. With their The L'ength album just released from Broke Hatrè, the power trio kicks out a record that is dedicated to the band's dive-designated sound that vibrates between destruction and thrashed out divination.

The L'ength kicks off the skronk sewer skids of, “Father Imposto (gag and disorderly)”, that yells out the memorable, “impersonate me and I'll impersonate you.” Staying at the top of their hardcore pops, “The Tops Of The Rocks (get all the sun)”, messes up the mix with fun and pure mayhem, as dollar signs get laundered and lost in the action on the riotous, “Treat The Money (I'll be back on monday for sure)”. Giving you the best ways to predict the future, the Antennas send out slowed down and creeped out samples all across the sands with, “Lewd #1 (well manicured man)”, reminding you that “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

By the time you land on, “Bruise The Bed (love song for the newly departed)”, the break up song blasts through about 3 decades of arena hair rock in once concise underground bruiser. “Youj (youge)” is a slow burner set to disrupt the monotony of business as usual for some pseudo-sentimental licks. Then kicking back into full Vibrating Antennas gear, “Spores For Now (stayin' loose)” freaks out like over-indulged, consumed fungi from a friend's closet cultured psilocybin collection, followed by, “Undercovermotherfucker (CIA man)” to keep those paranoid NSA vibes in a state of constant doom and freak-out. Guaranteed to close out the album with a bang and a few blisters, “Lewd #2 (end of spring panic movie)” as an instrumental gripper that drops you deeper into the panic with some vintage George Carlin samples. Finishing The L'ength's cycle, “Suzzzane The Man (tales from Garden Lush)” keeps it weird with the post-gender ballad that sends out all the action with the closing cruise of Nor Cal guitars, home-grown from the backyard garden.

Timmy Lodhi from Vibrating Antennas wrote us a little foreword for The L'ength, album recording memoirs, and the North Bay report.

What's the report from the North Bay?

Someone told me the other day that there must be something in the water in the North Bay. I believe it, there's an instinct in everyone to not only make music but to to progress with it. We are just another band from here that wants to push the envelope. We got together in a room and turned the amps up loud and wrote some songs. I think at some point we decided other people should get a chance to hear it.

Best memories while recording your new release, The L'ength?

I have a lot of great memories whilst recording the L'ength. First off, we recorded this album ourselves in an office building with 7 microphones live, directly onto Audacity. No producer, no engineers. We would set the levels, record a test track and then go smoke a bowl. I don't think I've ever recorded an album so easily. We spent a month on finishing the writing process and tracking the whole thing. It is our music in it's most raw form.

Word of foreword or fore-warning before experiencing L'ength?

Here's what you should do before listening to the L'ength. First, turn the speakers up real loud. Then, turn all the lights and light a single candle. Roll up a joint for you and your friends. Lastly, smoke up and groove out.

Vibrating Antennas' new album The L'ength LP is available now from Broke Hatrè.