Suburban Living releases dreamy 7″ called Always Eyes

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suburban living

If you knew nothing of the band Suburban Living, there is no doubt that you'd think they were British. And maybe had timewarped themselves into the future from the late 80s. Maybe if you closed your eyes tight enough, you could be convinced to believe Suburban Living was a Morrissey side project, one where he stops whining about politics and nonvegans, and gets back to the real truth of pain.

But you'd be wrong about everything, probably not for the first time. Suburban Living is the project of Virginia's Wesley Bunch and with the release of the instrumentalist's 7″, Always Eyes, on Dialog Records, we are confronted with influences so present they might as well be playing ghost synths alongside Bunch. The three-tracked release is strong in its poppy sheen, its new wave filter, and especially in its sincerity—showing us the deep, hollowness of loving too hard and feeling too much. These songs could easily go on a mixtape for your unrequited love or on a playlist for your early summer BBQ. The 7″ is available for preorder at Dialog Records here, and you can stream the namesake track, “Always Eyes”, below. Catch Suburban Living on tour at these few VA dates below, with a New York date/venue TBA.

14 The Belmont – Norfolk, VA
18 Winston's Cafe – Chesapeake, VA
8 Speakertree Records – Lynchburg, VA
15 Horseshoes & Hand Grenades – Fredreicksburg, VA
28 That's How I Beat Shaq – Virginia Beach, VA