Sun Glitters, “The Impose Mixtape”

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Luxembourg’s Sun Glitters entered this world on the exhausted heels of the chillwave era with 2011’s Everything Could Be Fine. Reflecting on that record, Sun Glitters was sustainable beyond the profiling as his compositions often relied on a deeper connection to downtempo and dream pop, rather than the glitchy processed computer calculations. In the years since his debut, Sun Glitters has released EPs that explore those inclinations through collaborations with vocalists like Sarah P (formerly of Keep Shelly In Athens) and Anna-Maria Marjamäki, who punctuate his ethereal production. His recently released Diving Into Reality EP, is undeniably chill and yet motivational with the scurry of urban efficiency.

Even when the EP gets moody with the gravely musings of Doseone on “No Birds Or Yoga Allowed”, Sun Glitters locates the movement to uplift to a steady head nod state. Which brings us to Sun Glitters’ contribution to the Friday Night series. With appearances from Doseone, including his latest Nevermen project with Tunde Adebimpe and Mike Patton, Serengeti, and Open Mike Eagle the Sun Glitters version of “hip hop vibe” is of a certain indie/artful creed. It expands through the inclusion of Botany, who’s done many rap collabs, and this is all to say that we owe Sun Glitters a big apology for all that chillwave nonsense.

Sun Glitters’ words regarding the mix:

This song collection was as usual an hard selection just because I could choose hours and hours of beautiful sounds who makes my days shining into positive vibes! Here I selected some of the songs I’m listening most at the moment and also because I’m more into a Hip Hop vibe! Also added some important guys who means a lot to me and who influenced me by producing my latest EP “Diving into reality” released on Abandon Building Records and AY Records (Japan)…But as mention before this is just 1% of artists / sounds that I could add onto it! Hope you will enjoy it!
Thanks and all the best
Victor a.k.a. Sun Glitters

Sun Glitters’ Diving Into Reality EP is out now on Abandon Building.

“The Impose Mixtape” tracklisting:
01 Go Dark, “Mr.So&So”
02 Botany, “Jotu”
03 Neverman, “Tough Towns”
04 Beans, “Glass Coffins”
05 Serengeti, “Shidoshi”
06 Yuk, “Oh Shaman”
07 arms and sleepers, “Kanada Vintage”
08 Gold Panda, “You”
09 Sun Glitters, “See you”
10 Rome in Reverse, “Loop and Reverse”
11 Yosi Horikawa, “Bump”
12 Boards of Canada, “Sick Times”
13 Sun Glitters, “No birds or yoga allowed” (feat. Doseone)
14 Open Mike Eagle, “Ziggy Starfish” (feat. Gold Panda)