Surprise! Ariel Pink's on the new R. Stevie Moore tribute album

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Vol 1: <i>Copy Me, Treat Me</i> r stevie moore has nobly launched an R. Stevie Moore tribute project that doesn't stop at one measly compilation, but instead promises an ongoing series, all personally selected by the man himself.

Enjoy the first batch, “Copy Me, Treat Me”, which is free and downloadable over at the site.

There are a lot of cool moments on the thing (grab The Mucus Mules, Telethon Veginald Cheesburger, and Künstler Treu's Sleazy Disco Treament), but as much as we'd like to say he's outshone, Ariel Pink's is easily a standout sub-three minute pop rock hit.

Skitanja, “I Like To Stay Home” (R. Stevie Moore cover)

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, “She Don't Know What To DO With Herself” (R. Stevie Moore cover)</a>

Mimi et les Pop People, “Manufacturers” (R. Stevie Moore cover)