Swahili's support of the righteous

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Swahili cover art

Almost a year ago, Portland’s Swahili self-released their debut on Bandcamp. Recently profiled Seattle-based label Translinguistic Other hooked them up with fellow Portlander and former half of Yellow Swans Pete Swanson for a mastering session in order to prep the album for a limited vinyl release.

The turbulent-minded Swanson is one enigmatic dude, so it's seems like a proper fit for the quartet's acrid debut. On these three tracks, Swahili seem to be demonstrating the frustrations of coping with the society that molded them. Take Soma. Subdue yourself. Stop thinking. Get stoned. Stop. Sleep. Buy. Eat. Eat more. Rationalize your consumerism. Support the “righteous”. You’ll be able to sleep better. Mend your habits before understanding your habits. Everyone has done the thinking for you. Reference the past. Create what has already been created.

This isn’t visceral. This is Swahili trying to understand the roots of humanity through our referential tendencies. The only thing true is the heart beat, the rhythm, the frequency. Through the cloak of moans, wails, and artificial noise (of the synth) Swahili is trying to connect, not reconnect, with their ancestry, individually. They just happen to be in the same room. It’s ok that their minds aren’t one. Maybe we’re not ready for all that just yet.

Swahili's s/t debut is available on wax via Translinguistic Other. Check out the stream here.