Talk Normal split with Shearing Pinx

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Talk Normal

Canadian tape label Scotch Tapes is the midst of expansion with postcards, skateboard decks, t-shirts and posters in its production future. But first, it aims to tackle the wax pressing with a Talk Normal and Shearing Pinx 7″ split.

The Talk Normal side is an untitled tribal chant session, as the guitar work is reduced to gentle feedback, while the girls bounce around from “hey-ohhs” to baby talk gibberish. Could they be calling for “fight fight fight fight” in a rah-rah manner, making this a minimalist jam akin to Gary Glitter's “Rock and Roll Pt.1 & 2” or are they rounding off 20 “byes” in a row, but you won't listen and keep sticking around? This is what music sounds like after passing the peace pipe.

The wax is strictly limited to 300 copies with no intentions re-issues. Preorder here.