Ed Askew, “Here We Are Together Again”

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Ed Askew, "Here We Are Together Again"

De Stijl record is releasing a 7-inch of two Ed Askew cuts pulled from a live recording session on the Yale radio station in 1969. You may remember Askew's appearance in the public eye (for the first time, really) in 2007, when De Stijl's reissue of the never-released late 60s LP Little Eyes got picked up by Sub Pop, back when the great goose chase for more Vashti Bunyans was in full swing. This cut didn't make the Little Eyes cut (though it would have, “if time were not space”).

Slouch to this ultimately uplifting* if unceasingly melancholy ballad, “Here We Are Together Again”. Askew's voice glows with yearning but it's the home-made 10-string instrument he plays on, called the Martin Tipple, that lends the music its otherworldly sadness.

Ed Askew, “Here We Are Together Again”

You can order the “Here We Are Together Again” / “Yellow Dollars” 7-inch from De Stijl.

*The weather's fine.