The Death Set coin the latest handshake

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We'd all but decided the chances of another Motherfuggin' Death Set record were slim, considering the last we heard from the DIY ragers from the Gold Coast was way back in '08 before our first gray hairs. It only took one listen to “Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap” to kick our attitude in the nuts and decide we're far from too old for this shit.

Molotov cocktails, burning monkey heads, roman candles fired into moving vans by a chick in a tiger mask and good ole fashioned trash your set in slow-motion shots is all any video ever needs. The Death Set have always had a Beasties-punk style, but “Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap” is like “Heart-Attack Man” on PCP. Having Spank Rock producer XXXChange behind the boards seems to be the adrenaline shot The Death Set needed to follow up Worldwide.

It's a quick cut, but look for the graffiti homage to Beau Velasco.

This is the official handshake of 2011. Send us videos of you doing the slap-slap-slap-pound-up-down-snap or throwing molotov cocktails into dumpsters and we'll write you back, telling you how gnarl that shit is.

Michel Poiccard is out March 15 on Counter/Ninja Tune.