Teenage Panzerkorps coin German Reggae

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Teenage Panzerkorps (or DER TPK) is the raw revisit to your top eight punk records mashed with eight seminal records so obscure they've yet to grace your ear, but knowing that DER TPK was inspired enough to incorporate their aesthetic into its idea of German Reggae is a comforting first step toward discovering those allusive treasures.

I love DER TPK for reasons I've yet to understand, but I feel as though I'm getting closer. German Reggae is loose, droning, visceral, mechanical, rigid, maddening and yet, it captures fits of catchy collective thought. Remove Bunker Wolf's foreign newspeak delivered from a echo-y loudspeaker and it's dudes ripping through the revolt of punk from its Stooges blues to the PiL dubs and the Mark E. Smith wired weirdness. The separation is DER TPK reduce their influences into a pummeled, droned feedback.

Bunker Wolf is the final connecting dot that took the San Fransisco kids from Detroit to London to Manchester and sequestered in Berlin. Wolf's German commands will either alarm your neighbors or earn their respect, as they draw the same connections made thus far, only to be thrown off by the public service announcements over the fantastic noise.

German Reggae is out January 1. Look for the vinyl soon on Holidays Records.

DER TPK, “German Reggae”

DER TPK, “Machine Racists”