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teenage reverb

Coming in from the center left field camp that downs its James Ferraro and likes it some Breakfast Club too, Teenage Reverb is a one-dude Boston project with an EP coming down the pipes.

Mainly, this is a fantastic track in all the immediacy of its fuzzy production and its scatter-brained sample synths and break beats. If glo-fi was the wrong turn taken by a few too many looking for silky dance floors with shitty rigs, this is funky like star-shaped sunglasses and old gym socks in mid-swagger.

Teenage Reverb, “Under the Weather”

Teenage Reverb is also the proud proprietor of a blog that consists of a single photo of a very chipper looking Teenage Reverb dude (Joseph Zucco) with the caption “Me and Josh (From Deerhunter). Wowww.”

Trust his Myspace for info more than his blog, probably.