The Appleseed Cast, “Great Lake Derelict”

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The Appleseed Cast

I will not apologize for that young man named Blake Gillespie circa 2004 that discovered Low Level Owl Volume I & Volume II after an impromptu drunken romp with one of his best college buds. He gets to keep those darling moments of Hot Nut shots (Frangelico & coffee) after his last mid-term and the ensuing nap (as platonic as it can be) he and his buddy had to The Appleseed Cast. It was a different era of acquainting oneself with all the indie rock he could squeeze onto a $20 MP3 player.

This morning as I try out “Great Lake Derelict”, hoping for a little sense of connection through my Great Lake roots, it hits and it hurts to know that not everything lasts. I won't always love instrumental post-rock like I did during my collegiate run. The last Appleseed Cast full length was four years ago, Sagamartha. I remember giving it a run then, and knowing I'd outgrown them. As I listen to “Great Lake Derelict” a whiff of the old days seeps through. Those Lawrence, Kansas boys know what's best for them and linking up with Graveface is a great look. “Great Lake Derelict” will awaken the sleeping Cast fans still out there. But, this Midwest boy is still not ready. Maybe in another four years though, when I'm settled into my 30s and done milking the twilight of my 20s in one last rebellious stint.

Illumination Ritual is out April 23 on Graveface.