The Ar-Kaics, “She Does Those Things To Me”

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After taking only one listen to “She Does Those Things To Me”, the aesthetic is already obvious: a throwback garagepsych group who wants to show you that being wily and scrappy are still viable merits in the music world. A third or fourth listen through gives an even more nuanced take, showing that pop music, in its most direct-to-listener form and through layers of crass effects, is not dead. The background vocals that “oo” and the super lo-fi crust that grows around the outside of their guitar sound prove that people are still making songs as romantic and fun as they did in the 60s, but with a charm and perspective fresh from the aughts. It's as if we pulled these earlier tunes through generations of dirt and dropped them flaming and excitable on the doorstop of tomorrow. Fun and no fuss: the best kind of revivalism.

The Ar-Kaics have a 7″ out through Speakertree Records that you can pick up here.