The Death Set, starring Diplo

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The Death Set, Michel Poiccard

Diplo added the dinky synth sound to this Death Set shout out to the creator of The Sopranos. Pretty much classic punk/hardcore riffage, melodic shouts and the funny thought of Diplo standing over a keyboard bobbing his head in some alternative universe where there is no M.I.A. and he backs up Death Set at Lit and that's his thing.

It's re-assuring that Johnny Sierra's keeping his tracks shaved down short, if this 1:08 Brazilian wax is any indication. (This song also works great as a one-minute loop for at least four or five loops for the average listener. I'm currently on lucky 13.)

The track is number fifteen on the Death Set's upcoming full length Michel Poiccard, out March 2011 on Counter Records.

There is also this 43-track Мишка Death Set mixtape that you should download.