The Embassy, “Everything I Ever Wanted (Molly Bass remix)”

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Gothenburg, Sweden's The Embassy get tricked out in some ghetto house fabulous by Chicago's rising dance producer Molly Bass, on her kick drum-kitted remix premiere of, “Everything I Ever Wanted”. The Florida by Chi-town underground artist trades in 808s for a 909 sampling of Chicago Juke drums and high hats in excess to give you more than you could have ever dreamed of or wanted more of, from Sweden's ambassadors of indie.

Molly kickstarts the vintage house drum beat to the guitar and shimmering chime cue. The classic Chicago rhythm machine peps up the BPM tempo but breaks it down for the song's lyrical thoughts of wants. “Couldn't put my finger on it, didn't know what the hell I wanted to hear, couldn't take my eyes away from you”. These lulls bring attention to the sand drifting keys and echoing string reverberations that get met with samples of the sea, and it's passing tides.

The moments of reflective respite from the heavy dance beat highlight the endless summer feel from Fredrik Lindson and Torbjörn Håkansson's original. Molly throws the pendulum back and forth between the amped up glossy grease of Chicago's techno histories and the developments of lush rhythmic restraint of The Embassy's Balearic-indie Euro dance. As The Embassy has confessed to us before, sharing their love for the 80s decade with “The Sound of 1988” Selector feature, even Molly's remix approach remains classic. Across the pond, Ms. Bass brings back that touch of the hand-written, small-batch, white label pressed flavors from 1992's booty house shakers. What gets displayed at times together and at other times in her remix as separate, are the respective sound clashes of Sweden '88 through the spray painted bathroom mirror of Chicago '92. The Embassy refer to this new audio discipline as “popjuke”.

“Molly Bass from Chicago adds footwork to pop and creates a new discipline called popjuke. This is the first remix from The Embassy's mean-spirited album Sweet Sensation and it comes with a dance.”

The Embassy also sent us this bit of found video accompaniment for the remix, brought to you courtesy from the World of Dance.

“The video is more of a reference to footwork . . . and a complement to the Soundcloud not a big deal really, just linked to it on the word 'dance' here.”

The Embassy's Sweet Sensation is available now from their label International, and you can hear more from Molly Bass via her Soundcloud.