phages., “Where's Your Head At” (Basement Jaxx cover)

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San Francisco's innercity elusives, phages. have hinted on their Facebook about a potential cover of Basement Jaxx's “Where's Your Head At” popping up this week. Using their own unique evolutionary microbiological musical process, the hoodies mystery artist(s) stir up new variations based on the popular track with a rise-and-melt synthesized-psychotropic method that adds brand new head spaces to get lost in.

Like the morphing liquid electronica from their single and Ethan Indorf video, “Take Me With You“, the petri dish cultivated electronic works like the creation of biomatter within a controlled environment. Slowing down the jock jam rhythm of Basement Jaxx's original off 2001's Rooty; the genome growths of keyboard hooks, synthesized bass and note progression hooks are observed as a series of mutated DNA patterns. The real accomplishment here is taking a pop cut made for televised sports and through the art of remaking and remodeling, it becomes redeveloped as an electro-organism track with more detail intensive mapping. The process of electronic-scientific with the new configuration from phages., spin and stretch the digital samples with new designs, intents, and purposes.

The call of “Where's your head at?”, is sung in a dazed whisper and responded with a slowed pitch answer of the same rhetorical inquiry. The drum sequence clobbers the beat machines like cloven-hooved rhythms, while key notes get caught in the wah-wah effects coated in grape jelly. After establishing the familiar lyrical platitudes of “we can't live on, live on without you”, “don't let the walls cave in on you”, “you get what you give that much is true”; the cue of “drop it” sends the track's individual elements growing like amorphous entities. The urban underground experiment of phages. takes the mapped musical genome into new proportions and further permutations never before thought possible.

The phages. debut EP release, Take Me With You is available now from Low Life Inc.