The Enchantments

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the enchantments collage art

Last year we heard this band called Handglops and decided that “in the vacuum where these songs exist, there's a horde of animated tape
reels doing battle with six foot long lances made solely of static
electricity.” Enter the latest Handglop (and Gluons) offshoot, The Enchantments.

While you might be hoping for some stainless 60s soul from a name like that, plug those expectations and let's try on their whimsical clutter pop that fringes up against twee but only because they're making their fuzzy tunes with the aid of old school music box synth patches and a lo-fi enthusiast's embrace of the hazy hi-end theory.

This is more what I would expect Ducktails' assimilated pop music to sound like rather than the straighter laced stuff he's making – so sample the druggy five note scales and the rummaging through damaged headspace.

The Enchantments, “Friday Night with The Enchantments”

The Enchantments, “Power God Lazer Girl”

The Enchantments, “Forever Juice”

The Enchantments, “Party at The Enchantments”

While they're originally out of Ohio, the trio reside in Brooklyn now. Maybe their website will have more stuff soon.