Stik Figa & D/Will, Alive & Well

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Stik Figa & D/Will impressed with last year's Hellogoodbye, a concept album of suicide notes to Stik's son. The record ended with a gunshot, so it's only right that the Alive & Well begins with a heart monitor beep.

Alive & Well is the recovery, as Stik starts out woozy on “Alive,” speaking for the first time since the end of Hellogoodbye, but by “The Remedy” he's rejuvenated and back to shouting his “Stik Figa mayyynneee” calling card. More than ever Stik is embracing his Midwest, specifically Topeka, Kansas, upbringing by giving us his heavy drawled local greeting of “whutupwidit” and the way he drags out “you ain't even gotta ask” to make it, “yee ainn eeen gotta ask.”

D/Will is the chicken soup for Stik's battered soul, playing the role of a therapist that uses his MPC productions to will Stik into a full recuperation. It doesn't take the full nine songs to boost Stik up to full-strength, by “The Down” Stik is turning house parties into star studded events.

Download Alive & Well here.

Stik Figa, “The Remedy”

Stik Figa, “Whutupwidit”