The Everywheres, “Unfortunate Direction”

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the everywheres

We've talked about the eponymous upcoming record from The Everywheres previously, but that doesn't mean we won't willingly, and heavy-handedly, do it again. There is something about this pscyhpop contribution from Nova Scotia's Samuel Hill and friends that hits a little harder and is more effective than every other poppy, vintage, high-toned record we've heard recently. The stylings are Brian Jonestown Massacre equivalent and have definitive vocal elements of Daniel Johnston. This track, “Unfortunate Direction”, is delicate, and even in its most accelerated moments, it doesn't overwork itself. The guitar noodling is contained and slippery, while to the left (a lot of its strongest elements are recorded in stereo), we have the humming undercurrent of an organ backing track. A second guitar with considerable more bend keeps the melody moving, which makes us wonder if the direction the song heads in is that unfortunate after all.

You can listen to the track here, then pick up the self-titled debut on June 25 through Father/Daughter Records.