The Fresh & Onlys, “20 Days & 20 Nights”

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The Fresh & Onlys

Even in their most fractured of states, with Tim Cohen recording solo work as Magic Trick and collaborating Jon Bernson of Exray's as Window Twins and Wymond Miles releasing records on Sacred Bones, The Fresh & Onlys manage to record Long Slow Dance like a well-oiled music machine.

The Fresh & Onlys recorded “20 Days & 20 Nights” with Phil Manley on the same 16-track reel to reel Warren Zevon used to record “Werewolves of London”. With Manley's sound direction and the warmth of untampered with vintage equipment, the band sounds lush and unified as though its only interest lies in those moments in Lucky Cat Studios. On “20 Days & 20 Nights” The Fresh & Onlys are the sum of their influences and past records. You can nitpick the touch of Echo & The Bunnymen in Tim's vocals, but that's always been there. You can dillute their progression to the sea change of San Francisco seeking hi-fi. Or you can simply marvel at the soothing piano outro and in fact, we encourage that you do.

The Fresh & Onlys' Long Slow Dance is out now on Mexican Summer.