The Immaculates party in the name of pronunciation

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The Immaculates Vol. II

New York's The Immaculates are dusting off the slim-fit suits, ironing the skinny ties and leaving those black shoes un-shined for the release of Vol. II. We've got a debut of the spasmatic kicker, “Tarra Tara”. This one goes out to all those ladies named Cara, Tara, Hannah, and Anna who suffer through the varying pronunciations of their name. It's distinguished and pristine to say it with a soft A, but if you insist on sullying the vowel with a hard one – well, you get the Anna from the wrong side of the tracks.

The Immaculates, “Tarra Tara”

The Immaculates sound tight and comfy on Vol. II, which indicates the band is ready to be the savoirs to our party souls. Recorded hot to tape at Death By Audio, the second installment drips of sweat and finger blisters from the icky basslines and an amphetamine-fueled beat. There's only one question remaining: If Vol.I was busty and Vol.II is leggy, will Vol.III hint of foot fetishism?

The Immaculates will have copies of Vol.II at their Glasslands show with Gary Wilson tomorrow.

Look for the tape release of Vol.II in the near future via Whoa Whoa, while Death Class will handle the vinyl.