The Kleenrz, “Filthy”

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The Kleenrz

After lending production to Freestyle Fellowship's latest record, The Promise, it seems Self Jupiter took particular interest in Kenny Segal's beats. The two have struck out on their own to form The Kleenrz, a group that brings jazzy noire to the celestial underground of yore. On “Filthy”, Self Jupiter is subdued and without remorse as he lays out his daily operation that leaves him “filthy by association”. With Fanny Franklin's night club vocals on the chorus, “Filthy” is Self Jupiter assuming the role of Harvey Keitel's Winston Wolf character. He specializes in crime scene sanitation, but he's also got a weakness for dangerous women. He's a ubiquitous figure, both everywhere and a myth in the streets.

The Kleenrz EP features guest appearances by Nocando, MURS, Abstract Rude, Subtitle, and Volume 10, among others. The EP was mastered by Dave Cooley, who's lent his special touch previously to Madlib's Shades of Blue, Jaylib and Madvillainy.

The Kleenrz EP is out July 31 on Hellfyre Club.