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Max Burgundy, the murder of mark fuhrman

Max Burgundy's story is one that warrants every moment of doubt and self-depreciation expressed across the course of The Murder of Mark Fuhrman. The Bronx native's father was murdered across the street from their home. He and his librarian mother uprooted to California, where gang culture distracted him from hoop dreams. At community college, he left the team to pursue philosophy, eventually earning himself a shot at an Ivy League education. It would have been a fitting Hollywood-film ready success story, had Burgundy not been dismissed from school on a drug distribution charge.

With a lifetime of failed successes in his wake, Burgundy is rapping for the born losers unwilling to go quietly on The Murder of Mark Fuhrman. He's been there and knows what it's like ,”feeling like your Jordan, but you're just Brian Russell.” With production from Claws, Lee Bannon, Yuri Beats, Cookin' Soul and a guest appearance from a fellow loser (turned success story) Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, Burgundy's mixtape is a moody journey riddled with anger, acceptance, and philosophical conclusions.

Max Burgundy's The Murder of Mark Fuhrman is out now via Oreos For Breakfast.