The Lawrence Taylor mixtape

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Lawrence Taylor with 16 year old girl

There's been a lot of chatter around these water coolers about whether or not Impose could pull off a sports blog. We've also talked about a mixtape of songs dedicated to girls too young. Thank you Lawrence Taylor for making both a reality.

In case you're too young to remember, Lawrence Taylor was a football player who ran around the field all coked-up, while experts wondered how such a skinny linebacker could be so fast and vicious. Then the 80's ended and coke wasn't as cool. It still took L.T. another decade or two to kick the habit, but he was on a road to recovery, one that included such high-profile appearances as that one NutriSystem commercial. Turns out doing coke alone isn't enough to keep the pounds off.

Unfortunately, those good fortunes all came crashing down when it was revealed he had purchased a 16-year-old prostitute for $300. Yeah, we know the details are still sketchy and he's claiming he didn't know she was underage, blah blah blah. Dude was caught at a Holiday Inn (say what?!), with a teenage girl who he'd just paid for.

So in his honor, we present to you the first, and probably only, Lawrence Taylor mixtape. Do we think he was set up? Yes. Do we think he is guilty? Yes. Apparently, there are hundreds of musicians who have felt his pain. Here are a select few of them.

The Lawrence Taylor Mixtape
01 Natty Natty – Alva Lewis
02 Hot For Teacher – Van Halen
03 Sweet Little Sixteen – Chuck Berry
04 I'm Sixteen – Brilliant Colors
05 Teenage Lust (Acoustic Version) – The Jesus & Mary Chain
06 Don't Stand So Close To Me – Sting & The Police
07 Sixteen Blue – The Replacements

08 Sixteen – Iggy Pop
09 Sweet Sixteen – Billy Idol
10 Paradise By The Dashboard Light – Meat Loaf
11 Fat Bottomed Girls – Queen
12 Only Sixten – Sam Cooke
13 He's Seventeen – The Supremes
14 Thank Heaven For Little Girls – Maurice Chevalier
15 Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon – Urge Overkill