Effi Briest, “Cousins”

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effi briest

What's that rising suddenly from the cymbals and haze? That deep bass line against the kick sounds post-punkish, almost funky in its dance-bounce, channeling ESG's low end underneath glittery double-delay guitar and vocals that recall The Slits' sharp angles, all suddenly descending into murky atmospherics, conjuring something like Public Images Limited's dark brew with a fog that's entirely of their own making.

“Cousins” is another song off the long-awaited Effi Briest debut, Rhizomes, out today on Sacred Bones.

The track sounds almost minimal in the face of the band's arsenal: six members, double percussion, a wall of potential sound that holds itself poised, never full bursting forward while transitioning sharply between sonic tangents, never losing hold of an essence that's both melancholy and frenetic.

Effi Briest, “Cousins”

Catch their release party tomorrow at Union Pool.