Oneohtrix Point Never's “Ouroboros”

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Oneohtrix Point Never, Returnal

Arguably the conceptual crux of Daniel Lopatin's upcoming Oneohtrix Point Never album Returnal, or at least of the album's press release, “Ouroboros” rises to collapse back into itself in slightly over two minutes.

If ever there was a track to play on repeat, it would be the one using the Greek word for the idea of a snake eating itself. Quote:

What's burnt into memory here is Lopatin’s love affair with the long, slow path back home… the cycle… the hypnotic sector… the ghost in the machine… and whether people are making dance music or hip hop or space head music or metal, the ouroboros is present in every sector — as it was in Bach's study, and in the elephant songs of the Ituri forests.

Oneohtrix Point Never, “Ouroboros”

"Ouroboros” is on Oneohtrix Point Never's upcoming Returnal, out on Editions Mego in June.