New U.S. Girls 7-inch “Lunar Life”

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U.S. Girls, "Lunar Life" 7-inch

U.S. Girls spits out 7-inches like my Greek uncle coughs up phlegm. Regularly, at all hours of the day. Unlike my Greek uncle's phlegm, I cannot get enough of these U.S. Girl 7-inches.

For the physical, look no further than Atelier Ciseaux, the people responsible for a recent Jeans Wilder/Best Coast split, who will press 300 copies on recycled paper, with screenprinted art by Meghan Remy, the U.S. Girl herself.

Side A, “Lunar Life” lurches on a sleepy cheap synth ballad and side B's “Take Over Dynamix” is a haunting throwback to earlier, dense U.S. Girl swamps of reverb-buried vocals and crunchy break beats with minimalist guitar licks rounding out the hooks that make her music both accessible and hypnotic. You'll have to seek out the 7-inch to hear the B-side.

U.S. Girls, “Lunar Life”