Mark Ronson, welcome to the 8-bit party

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Mark Ronson Circuit Breaker video

Glad you could make it. What took you so long?

Oh, Mark Ronson, you're always so on top of things. Like when you brought back soul. It was awesome to see you and a cracked-out Amy Winehouse revive the habit of wealthy-types profiteering off working musicians. It kind of sucks that our 45s are worthless thanks to your over-saturation, but if anyone should make money from soul music, it's a rich white guy. After all, you're so ahead of the curve.

Like your new single “Circuit Breaker.” Where did you come up with the idea of infusing 8-bit samples into your music? We might have been enjoying some no-names doing it for the past half-decade, but now the stock has been put on the table: Record industry, we give you the next sort of new genre to be seen as new because of Mark Ronson.