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the loyal divide

Chicago's Loyal Divide dropped its Bodice Ripper album last week on Kilo Records and promptly wasted little time sharing a new song. While the free song via Twitter might be haphazard, the track is right in line with Loyal Divide's dense production. Tenderness to recording is one of the band's finest attributes from the march of the drums, the clever ghostly vocal looping and the found sounds of hollow reverb and fingers squeeling down the strings.

Loyal Divide beg to be heard simply because it's clear they care dearly about giving a song a fair shot at achieving it's utmost potential, otherwise they'd never try out a skronking saxophone solo. Did someone in the band learn to play the saxophone or always knew how? Or did their curiosity to test out a saxophone halfway through the song eat at them to seek out a saxophonist?

Bodice Ripper was a record roughly four years in the making, which translates to Kilo Records possibly prying it from the band's hands. Loyal Divide is a band that loves its gadgets, but also earns the privilege to lug them in the van. DJ Quik recently selected the band's single “Vision Vision” for a freestyle session. Do you even need a bigger vote of confidence than DJ Quik and of course, us?

Loyal Divide, “Death Breath”

Bodice Ripper is out now on Kilo Records.