The Pelican burger

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Pelican, Southern Lord, Hydra Head, Burgers

Taking into consideration that Pelican made the move from Hydra Head to
Southern Lord, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I think their
era of snooze metal is over.

I'm hoping that their upcoming album,
What We All Come to Need might not put me to sleep like their previous
outings have, and I'm totally banking on the fact that they are hanging
with the likes of Sunn O))) and Wolves in the Throne Room will have a
have a strong effect upon the Chicago lads.

Early signs
off newfound awesomeness come in the announcement of
the “Pelican Burger” at Chicago house of heavy metal burgers, Kumas
. The burger is a “ten ounce Kobe Beek patty, with pan seared
scallops and lardons, in a garlic white wine sauce on top of a parmesan
crisp, and served with white wine-garlic aioli.” The burger will be placed alongside the Black Sabbath Burger, the Bongzilla Burger, and the Goblin Cock Burger.

And you thought metal fans were a bunch of classless slobs who just got stoned and went to Wendys. Well buddy, you were dead wrong.