The Soft, “Prana”

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Suffolk, Bury St Edmunds electro trio of the enlightenment The Soft give another listen from their upcoming Uncanny Valley EP with the mind enhancing track, “Prana”. Exhibiting their intrinsic knack for the ambient like their previous single “Mori“, the 3 take a good minute on this single to slowly craft together the many pieces that make up the track like a controlled hold on the digital equivalent of an orchestra's cacophonic instrumental warm-up.

Putting their gear and heads together, Henry Morris, Zander Fletcher and William Glass reinterpret the Sanskrit title “Prana” by redefining it's life force etymology into new meaning through reapplied electronica. Like their fascination with Masahiro Mori's concept of robotic futurism with the Uncanny Valley; Henry, William and Zander work to create an uncanny spirit that is manufactured at the heart of their synthesized machine. Another listen finds the group building a well sequenced structure to be burned with purpose and slow smoldering beats. The track's central percussion mainline glows with the oxygen devouring flame laps of an electrical fire following an electronic trail of accelerants into a fun house fueled by pyromaniacal intent. But intent is the key to control the sparks and sound, and even when every aspect of audio is at work in full force, the fade out sends away each individual element, sample and stem as quiet and understated as they first arrived.

The Soft's Uncanny Valley EP will be available later this year while this single “Prana is available now via iTunes.