The Turns, "Just Like You"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

“Just Like You” is the latest single from the Los Angeles based band The Turns. With music described as psychedelic rock, R & B, folk and country, The Turns (Michael Eng, Danny Winebarger, Jonathan Baron, Marco Cortes, and Johnny Toomey) have created a song that is both reminiscent of the sixties in sound, but contemporary in its message.
“Just Like You” addresses the age old question about relationships that change: What happened?
The track takes its turn at explaining how quickly things can change in general, honing in on the undeniable truths when two people go from shaping each other’s every day to becoming strangers in the blink of an eye. Throughout their reminiscence on the past, The Turns ask, “What good is it being alone?”
Unlike most songs about the topic, The Turns have produced a track with richly layered instrumentals and pacing that makes it a ballad you don’t want to end.

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