The Underachievers, Indigoism

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The Underachievers

Brooklyn hip-hop duo The Underachievers have dropped a 17-track mixtape Indigoism via Brainfeeder with help from Flying Lotus. Discussing the collab, FlyLo said, “A friend sent over one of their videos. The first song I heard – 'Gold Soul Theory' – was perfect. I heard it and I didn’t even have to hear a second song. I couldn’t figure out why these kids weren’t killing it right now. It blew me away how professional everything was, but also how forward thinking and spiritually minded these young kids were. It just made complete sense. Within the first 20 seconds I was pretty sure I was going to try to sign them. I never get that feeling.” Not a bad endorsement to have going your way.

Rolling with the Beast Coast movement that includes Joey Bada$$, these dudes from Flatbush rock a similar 90s throwback style. In less than a year, Ak and Issa Dash have grown out of a BK DIY community to opening shows for Kendrick Lamar. Self-proclaimed Indigo anthem “Herb Shuttles” surfaces early as a certified, blaring bass banger, while “Leonard Shepard” smoothes things out and let's their lyricism ride.The mixtape features a variety of help from Mr Bristol, Rich Flyer, The Entreproducers, Bruce Lee Kixxs, Juice, Lou The Human from Tribe Gang, and Dreamrite.

Grab the tape for yourself here.