The Wilde, “Don't Meet Your Heroes” (feat. Open Mike Eagle)

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The Wilde

Being 20 years old and attending college at Stanford are not setbacks nor impedances for San Francisco's Luke DeWilde, aka The Wilde. He's young and involved in the higher learning system, but still manages to find time to record five albums, the most recent of which he will release next week—entitled The Space Invaders mixtape.

The Wilde keeps good company on The Space Invaders, enlisting the help of Riley Lake and Budo alongside his production, and guest verses from milo and Open Mike Eagle. The latter appears on “Don't Meet Your Heroes”, a Budo beat of psych guitars and a vampy bassline to accompany the life lesson of keeping your idols sacred. It's not exactly a kill yr idols message, more of an “observe at a safe distance” suggestion. The Wilde theorizes he could handle opening for David Sedaris or Fitzgerald in a Midnight In Paris-type setting, while Open Mike Eagle takes the colloquial “dinosaurs” to its literal core by envisioning prehistoric rappers as lizards that once ruled the earth, but now are reduced to doing zumba classes in Temecula, California. Imagine how highly we'd still think of our favorite rappers who've fallen from grace had they been erased into extinction by an asteroid.

The Wilde's The Space Invader mixtape is out June 2 on his Bandcamp.