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Their / They're / There

Their / They're / There and Into It. Over It.'s Evan Thomas Weiss. (courtesy of Chalk TV)

Chicago's Their / They're / There hit up Schubas Tavern last December, and we got two videos from Made of Chalk that captured some of the show's action. Mixed and edited by Nick Stetina, you are welcomed to enjoy a lively performance of “Travelers Insurance” and “New Blood” off the Chicago band's recent Analogue Weekend EP from Polyvinyl. Joining us after your viewing of these live sessions is the red flanneled man himself (also of Into It. Over It.), Evan Weiss.


“It's about getting high and falling asleep on the couch instead of playing the drums like you're supposed to,” Evan explains in the intro for “Travelers Insurance”. Because there truly can not be enough songs about “falling asleep on someone else's couch,” the stoned thoughts sink deep into the cushions with Matthew Frank of Loose Lips Sink Ships shredding up a blizzard, in time to the steady snow fall of drums from Mike Kinsella (American Footbal, Owen, Cap'n Jazz). A song dedicated for the slacker in all of us, this live rendition proves to be anything but lethargic.


Busting out that big red flannel, Evan takes things to the romantic places and stations with the alliterations of, “you and I alone.” What shines in this version of “New Blood” is Evan, Matthew and Mike's mathematical like approach in the trio's quick responsive cues that combines everything from righteous guitar riffs, break downs, bridges, lyrics, according to the algorithm of their own created equations. Lightning chords are everywhere, first fast, then slow, then fast again, until commencing the ceremony with a soft sung sentimentality .

Evan Wise of Their / They're / There and Into It. Over It. took a few moments to talk about touring, his beloved red flannel, analog versus digital debates, and their recent Analog Weekend EP.

What's the winter report from Chicago?

I wish I knew. I have been on tour with Into It. Over It. for the last couple weeks. I've somehow managed to miss out on the most brutal time of the year. However, it was PUNISHING in the weeks before we left.

The Made of Chalk sessions for “Travelers Insurance” and “New Blood” are fun live captures from Schubas, favorite memories from this gig? That red flannel is rad!

TTT playing anywhere is a fun time. Actually, one of my fondest is goofing about that flannel shirt. My mom got it for me. We also hadn't gotten to play super loud in a long time. When no one tells us to turn down, it's awesome.

What was the process like recording your Analog Weekend EP?

Set up the gear, play live. Almost all of AW was done live to tape. Very little was overdubbed (second guitar / vocals / James' piano). The whole process moved so quickly that we were able to have an awesome time. We set up, tracked everything and packed up in two days. Mixing was quick and only lasted about half of the third day. It was a treat.

What is the TTT stance on the whole analog versus digital argument, which one is greater, better than, worse than, and why do we need both?

We don't have a stance. We like both.

What other recordings, tours, collabs, etc do you all have in the works?

Haha, you're asking the wrong three dudes. We just kinda fly by the seat of our pants man. We'll do some stuff if we feel like it, and I'm sure we will.

Their / They're / There's Analogue Weekend EP is available now from Polyvinyl Records.

Watch more Made of Chalk sessions here.

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