Tokyo Megaplex, The Legend of Beefwell

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legend of beefwell

When a 44-minute 29-track mix of sample-based experimental music drops in your inbox, and then it's called The Legend of Beefwell, really your only options are to listen and listen hard. With the case of Tokyo Megaplex, helmed by production wunderkind Christopher Rutledge, the melee of sounds follows no real storyline except to prove that sampling, pitch-shifting, and working alongside the lush vocals of both pop stars and rap stars can be more interesting than the same old, same old sad boy junk. The Legend of Beefwell is not afraid of bringing in jazz standards as well as J-pop shine, and in under an hour, it'll have you asking, “What did I just listen to?” Hardly definable but thoroughly enjoyable, Tokyo Megaplex's complicated full-length release is like sticking your hand into a box labeled with a question mark.

You can stream The Legend of Beefwell below. It's out now on Belgian Man Records.