Toujours' monthly mixtape

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From a hideout in the East Bay, Erik Jourgensen, under the moniker Toujours, crafts minimalist beats that first caught our attention in the form of a Brian Eno cover. That was many moons ago and Toujours is on some other shit. Intent on producing a mixtape for every month, June '11 crawls like the fog rolling in over the Bay and with the chilling weather that's blanketed Nor Cal for two of its most coveted months of glorious weather, it would seem Toujours is tuned in to the waves of chill.

At the 1:30 mark, June '11 gets dark in a good way as the echoed snaps and down tempo vibes are beckoning for a few swag verses from Main Attrakionz. There's a day break in the middle of the long-playing MP3 that establishes some tender relief, before Toujours snaps back into murkier territory. Man, it's high time this summer stop messing with musicians' emotions.

Toujours, June '11

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