Twerps know how to close an album

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The only way to prove you've got chops or possess an inkling of songwriting grace is to write a closing song that bids the listener a friendly goodbye, so that they leave on a high note or get struck with a lingering melancholy. Twerps close their self-titled debut with “Coast To Coast” and even though these boys are from Melbourne, Down Under, the song is seismic in American dreaming. Whether it's a Highway 1 road trip or the 95, the song echoes a road runner mentality and the sweet freedom of the road.

Go ahead and call it reminiscent of Flying Nun lo-fi and The Clean, just cleaner and nubile. Twerps can keep those reference points, but we should get credit for the road trip imagery. If the sun is going to keep rollin' on by, well, it's casting its rays on American highways. “Coast To Coast” thrives on a tender balance of high vibes and the melancholy of escapism. Place it amongst the canon of road runner rock'n'roll in your next road trip mix, preferably at the end where it belongs.

Twerps, “Coast To Coast”

Twerps' self-titled record is out now on Chapter/Underwater Peoples.