Two Sunsets cover Jesus & Mary Chain

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Two Sunsets is the collaborative project of Tokyo, Japan pop band Tenniscoats and Scottish rockers The Pastels.

We won't pretend to know all that much about the Tokyo or Scotland scenes, but we are familiar with Jesus & Mary Chain. It seems its all the rage this year to cover the legendary feedback junkies. Recorded in the downtime of several Scottish tours for both bands, this one feels more authentic since it was produced in Glasgow.

Two Sunsets, “About You” (Jesus & Mary Chain Cover)

The Two Sunsets cover is like day to the original JAMC material's night. Gone are the frozen echos of shoegaze, replaced with melancholy pastoral twee guitars. The only lasting hint of JAMC's sound is the deep spoken vocals.

For the unedited notes on this collaboration from the Pastels' Stephen Pastel, check out the band's Myspace blog.

Two Sunsets is out September 22 on Domino/Geographic.