Ty Richards, “Spaceman”

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Austin’s genre-blending – although heavily psychedelic rock – musician Ty Richards recently announced that his debut EP Zillion will be released on February 3, 2017. It may seem like a zillion years from now, but 2017 is just around the corner. In celebration of this fun news, we’ve actually got the first single off that much-anticipated release, a song called “Spaceman”.

Right off the bat, we must admit that the song gives us a throwback, hip swerving feel. Ty’s high pitched vocals are smooth – almost seductive – while the whirring chords dancing gracefully over the steady beat of the drums. There are aspects that feel slightly interstellar, but almost like what the 70’s versions of us would assume the future would sound like, if that makes sense. Toward the end, it dissolves into transient house music before zoning out, making a lasting impression.

“’Spaceman’ sums up the full musical and spiritual exploration of the entire record,” Richards explains about the single. “I had to dig deep for the lyrics on this one. My ‘mumble track’ method that I used on most of the songs had run dry by this point. This song, like most on this record, is abstract and artistic enough to be whatever you want it to be about, but to me, it’s about me waking up now and seeing the sharp contrast against my life two years ago. I’m a zillion miles away from where I used to be mentally, spiritually, and even physically.”

Aren’t we all?

Zillion is out February 3rd. Keep up with Ty Richards here.