Tycho, “L” (Dusty Brown Remix)

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With the release of Tycho’s Awake Remixes today on Ghostly, the roster of remixers is loaded with usual suspects like Com Truise, Christopher Willits, Nitemoves, and of course Dusty Brown. Next thought: who the fuck is Dusty Brown?

His connection to Scott Hansen of Tycho dates back to the Command Collective days of the late 90s when Hansen was a young producer in Sacramento—pre-ISO50. A Long-time friend, Dusty Brown has been remixing Tycho records since before his cousin Zac Brown joined the lineup. The Browns alongside Dusty’s sister Jessica once formed a group under Dusty’s namesake, releasing the still vibrant and relevant Sacramento soundtrack This City Is Killing Me EP in 2010.

Throughout Brown’s catalog his Moog synthesizer manipulations reign, and the “L” remix contextualizes the Tycho track in a maximalist sound. Brown’s remix mimes the original in his synth playing, while expanding the melodies and wrapping the stems in bigger breaks and wails of sonic feedback. It’s all signature Dusty that in a more perfect world would be understood on a worldwide level, rather than among peers and regional folklore.

Tycho’s Awake Remixes are out now via Ghostly Intl.