UK's Shakes invasion imminent…

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I wish that “punk-funk” term would go hide in a deep hole, even if these days it seems a bit tongue-in-cheek, and doesn't do so bad describing the electro acts rising up right now in the wake of our recent “post-punk” reduction (vs. actual revival). They've got their synths, their programmed beats, their funny oscillators and hand claps, but they've spent the last couple years with summations of Josef K spilling in their ears. What can they do but make a sort of angular, abrasive electro rock?

Enter Shakes. (Could they have picked a more generic name? Try and find them on myspace! Dare you! …Or just click here) They stir up a mean dance track and they're releasing their first EP stateside on June 5th – Sister Self Doubt, which, along with the title track, will also feature two versions of “Disneyland”.

Look out for em.