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universal studios florida

Universal Studios Florida is jump starting Friday Night in the new decade with an exclusive bedroom dreamcatcher simply titled, “Impose Jam.”

The Seattle duo has yet to receive that cease and desist subpoena from the amusement park, but just for precautionary measures, they toned down the name to the abbreviation USF. The tropical and blippy pop pleasantries remain the backbone though. “Impose Jam” was most likely created on carpet in their tube socks. A USF Friday night is all about tender guitar strums, popping some popcorn and letting your cat skitter across your guitar pedals to obtain a purely accidental creativity only your cat's paws have the chops to produce.

Where Ocean Sunbirds introduced USF as psychotropic house music, a USF Friday night may also involve plastic bending contests and the game “will it sink.” These are all guestimations made from the found sounds on “Impose Jam.”

Download the song here.