V Pages, “Only One”

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Only One

V Pages, aka Dom Morley, is no stranger to the spotlight. The Grammy Award winning producer is coming out on his own and creating some original music and it’s awesome. Morley has previously produced for and worked with huge names in the music industry, such as Adele, Mick Jagger, Grinderman (Nick Cave), Underworld, Sting (The Police), Solomon Grey, and Richard Ashcroft (The Verve), but it was working on Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” that earned him the Grammy.

V Pages‘ new song is titled “Only One,” and it’s from his upcoming EP, After the Storm. This track is pulsating and energetic and has a deep, electronic sound with layers and layers of sound that’ll send vibrations to your core. Feathery light vocals skim over the surface of the instrumentals, which just ties everything together. “Only One” is undoubtedly a track to listen to.

After the Storm will be released on August 5th, via Mea Music.